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Apply gopichandan tilak over your body and chant the following mantras:
 forehead om keshavaya namaha
 belly om narayanaya namaha
 chest om madhavaya namaha
 neck om govindaya namaha
 right belly om vishnave namaha
 right arm om madhusudhanaya namaha
 right shoulder om trivikramaya namaha
left belly om vamanaya namaha
left arm om shridharaya namaha
left shoulder om hrishikeshaya namaha
upperback om padmanabhaya namaha
lower back om damodaraya namaha

Padma Purana Glories of Wearing Tilaka:

1. If one is not wearing tilaka he will not get any result from the performance of chanting, austerities, study, Gayatri, yajna, or any other spiritual activity.
2. Auspicious Darsana — if someone sees the tilaka on a devotee’s face, he will become freed of all sins.
3. Death—if wearing tilaka at time of death, one will go to Vaikuntha.
4. Krishna is pleased and resides with wearer of tilaka.
5. Tilaka on body means the body has become a sanctified temple of the Lord.
6. Tilaka mark, Brahma resides on left, Siva on right, and Visnu (Krishna in center)


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2 reviews for Gopi Chandan Tilak | Pack Of 4 | Scented Gopichandan t...

  1. Vimmy (verified owner)

    Awesome product fragrance is so good application is very smooth worth buying

  2. Nicky (verified owner)


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