Believes and impact…..

Madhavas Rock Band believes in reaching the heart both by feeding excellent food and by presenting soul-enriching music. To fulfill the noble purpose of eradicating hunger, we have formed a registered NGO – Madhavas Foundation based in Vrindavan –The holy land of Lord Krishna.  Before we know about what our Foundation does, it is important […]

Our dedicated team and efforts……..

Madhavas Foundation now consists of dedicated volunteers and a team of talented people experienced in Social Services. We also regularly seek consulting from eminent NGOs to keep ourselves updated with the latest best practices in social services sector.

Our aims and objective

Our mission is to save lives and we are committed to ending hunger through the avoidance, observation, and medical care/ attention of malnutrition in children/animals including emergencies caused by conflicts. The huger and poverty seem to be cyclical and generational, and we help people to inhibit their ability to work for their fullest potential. Our […]